ASG Riverland

ASG Riverland

ASG Riverland is based in Berri and provides Substance Misuse Support, Social & Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health Services, Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP) and Psychology services to the Riverland and surrounding areas.


  • Substance Misuse
  • Social Emotional Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Mobile Assistance Patrol
  • Men Accessing Services
  • Psychology Service

Substance Misuse Support

The purpose of the Substance Misuse program is to improve access for Aboriginal community members to effective, comprehensive primary care services and to encourage Aboriginal community members to lead a substance free lifestyle. Caseworkers provide individually tailored, effective and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol interventions for men and women.

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

This program contributes to the delivery of culturally appropriate targeted programs with the aim of promoting improved health and wellbeing for Aboriginal community members through a reduction of incidents of substance misuse and provides personal and social support to Aboriginal community members participating in Social Emotional Wellbeing Programs. Based on the needs assessment, the program works with clients and the health, welfare & justice system to optimise the value derived to the client in achieving improved health and wellbeing through involvement with the program and is also a referral service for BTH via referral to SA Link Up or our visiting Psychologist who is a qualified Bringing Them Home counsellor.

Mental health

The primary role of the Aboriginal Mental Health Worker is to contribute to the delivery of culturally appropriate targeted programs and supports with the aim of promoting positive mental health and social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal community members. The service will provide personal and social support to Aboriginal community members to improve mental health and wellbeing and provide clients with access to culturally appropriate holistic services that take into account the context of Aboriginal community member’s lives and implications of cultural separation on their mental health and wellbeing.

Men Accessing Services (MAS)

The concept of MAS is the provision of a localised and coordinated response to brokering and bridging service supports for Aboriginal men exiting correctional settings and/or engaged with correction services in community. The program aims to reduce the incidence of recidivism by providing a dedicated point of contact within community to coordinate and support individual client case plans and through-care to access and receive services to reduce the incidents of recidivism.

Psychology Service

A qualified and registered psychologist practices at ASG Riverland for three days every two weeks providing a culturally appropriate psychology service for our Aboriginal community members. If there any community members who would benefit from this service, please ring our office to check for availability, dates and details on how to refer to the service. The precedence is for Aboriginal patients but they will also work with non-Aboriginal Community Members.

Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP)

MAP provides transport to Aboriginal community members under the influence of alcohol, other substances or situational crisis from public places to places of care, safety and support. The MAP Program Aims are to:

  • To reduce harm arising from the use of alcohol and other substances.
  • To improve the safety and well-being of individuals who have been affected by the misuse of alcohol and other substances.
  • Maximise the wellbeing of individuals affected by drugs and alcohol by taking them to places of safety including hospitals.

Riverland MAP Operating Times:

Monday – Friday

10am – 6pm

Mobile: 0427 013 390

Office Hours

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm

Contact Details

3 Wilson Street
Berri SA 5343
Phone: 8580 8700
Fax: 8582 1750
Email: dons – (at) – asg.org.au


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