Rehabilitation (Lakalinjeri Tumbetin Waal)

Lakalinjeri Tumbetin Waal (LTW) is  a live-in, non-medical drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for men and is located at Monarto, a one hour drive from Adelaide City.

Clients of ASG who have undertaken the Stabilisation Program and who require longer-term rehabilitation are referred to LTW.

Located on a farm at Monarto. Clients ‘live-in’ for a 12 – 24 week period and are assisted through a number of programs to recover from alcohol or other substance misuse lifestyles. Prior to entry, clients must undertake a needs assessment with ASG’s Assessment, Referral and Counselling team to ensure that they are ready for stabilisation and receive appropriate care.

Client Services

Lakalinjeri Tumbetin Waal, meaning ‘clan, family, community’ healing place, adopts a holistic approach by treating the underlying grief as well as the disorder.

 The programs encompass traditional cultural methods of teaching and learning, which increase the effectiveness of the recovery process. 

The common beliefs and rituals of various clans are considered, so that all communities can share in the healing process.

LTW’s framework comprises four strategic directions:

• Education – information about the nature of addiction and its effect on humans including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, behaviour, characteristics and attitudes.

• Skills Development – tools for sober living, structured activities for life skills, self-awareness, communication, problem solving, self-esteem, maslows hierarchy, etc.

• Counselling – one-to-one and group counselling covering stress and the foundation of emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

• Culture – learning and spiritual growth with reference to Aboriginal heritage, mediation, elders stories, dreamtime, lectures, smoke/steam ceremonies, and art/craft.

LTW provides live-in facilities for 10 residents at a time. A Manager, Caseworker/Counsellor, and a Senior Rehabilitation Careworker are available to assist clients. A ‘no-tolerance’ approach to alcohol and drugs ensures that LTW is respected as a sacred place and a safe place to heal.

LTW_staff_2017Art Workshop 2


LTW has developed some strong working relationships with other external providers in the local area to improve our program.


Gutter to Glory – Stephen Cain

Stephen Cain is a motivational speaker who shares his personal story of ‘Gutter to Glory’. This program is designed to show participants that it is possible to make beneficial changes to their lives.

The program focuses on:
• Respect and Safety in the Workplace
• Motivation
• Nothing is impossible
• Value of employment
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Family Values
• Low self-esteem
• Accountability

This program has been funded by Department of Correctional Services.

10. Gutter to Glory - Stephen Cain

Murray Mallee Community Health Service

Murray Mallee Community Health Service continued to provide in-house services for LTW Clients.  Services include:

  • Healthy cooking instruction
  • Gardening
  • Quit smoking
  • Regular health checks for all residents
Hepatitis SA

Hepatitis SA visits LTW fortnightly providing education on preventing and living with Hepatitis and also facilitates art workshops which is very popular with clients.