Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal 1:

Provide quality services to individuals and community

• Reflect the needs of community
• Promote healthy lifestyles and resilience
• Maintain a client focus
• Provide holistic and unique service delivery
• Value consultation and feedback
• Provide best practice and evidence based services

Strategic Goal 2:

Provide effective systems, strategies and resources to support employees and programs

• Recruit and retain Aboriginal staff
• Reflect commitment to diversity, resilience, accountability and ethical standards in daily practice
• Provide training and professional development opportunities
• Efficiently use current resources for maximum benefit and outcomes
• Maintain Accreditation and continuous improvement
• Assess and reduce risk

Strategic Goal 3:

Work together with all stake holders to maximise resources and achieve positive outcomes

• Appropriately source ongoing funding and resources for maximum benefit and outcomes
• Create and maintain Service Agreements with strategic partners
• Work effectively with strategic partners to ensure client outcomes
• Provide evidential feedback on funding