The ASG Identity & Artwork

ASG Artwork
ASG Artwork

You may have noticed some exciting new developments with the Aboriginal Sobriety Group identity. We are proud to announce the ASG logo and website have been redesigned and we believe that the new design demonstrates our dedication to providing a great service, the pride we have in helping our community, and our commitment to constant improvement.

The ASG Identity

The new ASG identity retains the original and familiar ASG insignia while making a simple reference to the Aboriginal flag with it’s bold yellow disc positioned beside the confidently typeset words Aboriginal Sobriety Group . Depicting brighter days ahead, the new sun-like symbol brims with clarity and optimism while the text adds strength and stability.  These characteristics combine together to reflect the important outcomes that the ASG assist their clients toward.

The new identity and website were designed by Joseph deMaria at and our website was developed by Jon Barratt at “The new identity was inspired by the notion of a bright future and there being many pathways to rehabilitation. It draws inspiration from the artwork by … which the ASG had commissioned specifically for the rebrand.” says Joseph deMaria of Reflect.

Sections of the artwork form the basis of the pattern used throughout the new branding and the multicoloured dots lend themselves to the brand symbol whilst also illustrating the many pathways that are available through the ASG to those who wish to lead a drug and alcohol ‘free’ lifestyle.

Explanation from the artist

The painting is split up into 3 parts and represents PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE.

•  The first section represents clients walking alone through life with no direction/purpose. As you can see the footprints walk alone and the painting has little life to it.

•  The second sections represents clients coming into the Aboriginal Sobriety Group and throughout this time ASG workers support clients with issues.

•  The third section represents clients going back into the community stronger/educated/drug free etc. and helping others to overcome the struggles and hopelessness. As you can see in the third section the footprints are bigger and the picture is brighter and more colourful. By clients coming into our service they move onto a better life and become Strong Aboriginal men and women of the community. This transition would not have been possible without the hard work ASG workers do on a daily basis.